Tarminder Kaur

Tarminder Kaur is a research associate at the Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, University of Johannesburg. Her research focuses on working-class sporting cultures in South(ern) Africa. Her thematic interests include, anthropology of sports and development, dreams and personhood, youth and violence, ethnography and social history. Drawn to making sense of conditions of subalternity, the overarching question that guides her study asks, how do people negotiate their subaltern identities through sports? Her research is available in academic publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, edited volumes, book chapters, and public scholarship. Of note, she co-edited: Sports in Africa, Past and Present, with Ohio University Press (2020), which was short-listed for the NASSH Book Prize for the best sports history anthology published in 2020. She is currently writing her first monograph, provisionally entitle: AmaXhosa Maradona.