SportsAfrica Live Proposal


The Sports Africa Network invites proposals to present a panel or an individual presentation or to co-host one of our SportsAfrica Live virtual events in 2022.

This document outlines the requirements for submitting the proposal.

SportsAfrica Live (SAL)

SportsAfrica Live sessions are virtual roundtables typically 90 to 120 minutes in length focusing on specific themes related to African Sports. Examples of previous roundtables can be found at this link. Through these roundtables, our goal is to facilitate focused discussions on topics concerning African sports and sports in Africa. The SAL offers a platform to exchange ideas, highlight important issues, and advance debates on a range of topics identified by the Sports Africa Network and affiliated organizations, scholars and practitioners.

Sports Africa Live sessions can be centered around:

      • Thematic panels
      • Research workshops
      • Book launches
      • Movie/documentary viewing and discussion

Why present or co-host a Sports Africa Live session

Sports Africa is an inclusive and engaged network of Africanist scholars and practitioners of sports. We promote and advertise the events, and possess technological expertise and experience in virtual conferencing and content production and management. We’ll put this at your service so that all you need to do is bring your ideas and readiness to share your work with the African sports community! Benefits to presenting include:

      • Co-hosts and presenters for SAL will benefit from widespread exposure to local, regional and global knowledge about sports and Africa.
      • It is a unique opportunity for scholars, professionals, and students to present and engage with those bringing interdisciplinary knowledge through discussions seldom available in traditional academic or public spaces.
      • The originality, pertinence and relevance of the presentations to African societies often serve as catalysts to new intellectual endeavors. They also contribute to broadening and enriching the understanding of sport in African societies.
      • The SAL provides a unique opportunity for scholars and practitioners to meet in the same digital space, to generate ideas for new projects and to explore prospects for partnerships.

Expected Contribution from the SAL Partner

The SAL partner is expected to contribute in the following ways:

SAL Venue

Sports Africa Live occurs exclusively online as such reliable internet access is crucial to enable full participation.

General Support

Sports Africa Network will provide and manage the videoconferencing platform (Zoom or alternative). Sports Africa will collaborate with event partners on the following:

      • Program marketing
      • Technology support
      • Event Registration