Papa K. Owusu-Kwarteng

Dr. Papa Owusu-Kwarteng

Papa K. Owusu-Kwarteng (PhD.) is currently an IT Product Manager at Ohio University. Prior to his current role, he was the Director of the Ohio University Upward Bound program (2011-2017), during which time he led a $2 million. government federal grant program provides post-secondary education
access services to low-income, first-generation students across seven southeast Ohio counties. Papa’s research area is in technology access and outcomes with a focus on education, Esports, technology policy, governance, and technology deployment at scale in poorly resourced and connected areas. His research has been grounded in Africa and the American Appalachian region, especially southeast Ohio. Papa has presented his research across the globe, including at conferences and roundtables in Lusaka, Zambia; Dakar, Senegal; Washington DC, the African Studies Association, and other spaces. Papa is currently a board member for the Sports Africa organization, where he was instrumental in creating the Sports Africa Live roundtable series. He holds a Ph.D.
in Instructional Technology, an MA in International Studies, and a BBA. in Economics, all from Ohio University.

Papa is currently working on the book review of the Entrepreneurial Goals Development and Africapitalism in Ghanaian Soccer Academies for the Journal of Contemporary African Studies (JCAS).