How are women, girls and sexual minorities navigating African sporting spaces?

Media reports, NGO documents, public policy and scholarly work focusing on the sports participation of women, girls and sexual minorties on the African continent, tend to decry the lack of fairness, funding, facilities and fun (!) for these groups of participants. Yet, despite profound obstacles and sustained discrimination, women, girls and sexual minorities do participate, and are important constituents of African sporting spaces and institutions. In this panel, we will explore how women, girls and sexual minorities are navigating African sporting spaces, and how they are effective in accessing funding, spaces & facilities, community support networks and services, and competitions. Drawing from the expertise of practitioners, activists and scholars the panel offers insights and stories from different sporting codes and different regions on the continent. Reflecting on their own experiences in working with women, girls and sexual minorities, the panel participants will make contributions to widening the knowledge base and debates about fairness and fun, gender-based discrimination and violence, sexual and reproductive health rights, transformation and sustainability in African sporting spaces. 

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    • Dorcas Amakobe, Executive Director, Moving the Goalposts, Kenya
    • Janet Otte, Bicycles for Development and Cycling against Poverty, Uganda, 
    • Astou B. Ndiaye, Astou Ndiaye Foundation (ANF), Senegal

Panel Chair :
Anima Adjepong, University of Cincinnati, USA,

Mari Engh and Bose Maposa

Organized by SportsAfrica  Gender, Sexuality, and Sport   group